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PBS mocks reality TV with cheeky print ad campaign

PBS mocks reality TV with cheeky print ad campaign

I like to think of myself as a pretty cultured girl. However, that’s not to say that if I’m sitting at home flipping through the TV channels and an episode of Masterchef/Storage Wars/Duck...

Dove Soap Cleans Up on London Tube

 A Beautiful Valentine's Day Stunt, 2012
Dove decided to ‘spread to love’ with a campaign that targeted London commuters. Dove encouraged commuters to tweet and text answers to various questions they posed on an interactive screen located in London’s busy Victoria station. The questions included “what makes you feel beautiful” and streamed the answers real time on the screen. Not only did they engage the commuters in conversation, they also put smiles on people’s faces by giving them presents to give to their valentines.

Tiger Woods Massive Tee Shot

 Tiger Woods Has the World’s Tallest Tee-shot, 2004
Tiger Woods was paid $1 million by the Dubai Desert Golf Classic to participate in their event. To promote the tournament, Tiger practiced his tee-shot from the helipad of the world’s tallest hotel.

Top Publicity Job in Oz = $110,100 Annually


Best PR Job in the World, 2009
The Queensland Tourism board posted a classified ad for the ‘best job in the world’. They sought out an island caretaker who would be willing to spend 6 months exploring Queensland all the while staying rent free in an island villa. They received applications from all over the world and estimate the publicity has been worth over $110 million.